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DEATHSQUAD Kill Tony: Live in Austin

"Kill Tony" is a live comedy show with hosts Tony Hinchcliffe and Brian Redban. During the Kill Tony podcast, aspiring comics perform their best minute of material on stage in front of the hosts and guest panel. The panel then critiques each performance, breaking down what went right or wrong for each comic during their set.

The hosts and guest panel select the best comic from the podcast. The selected comic gets a chance to perform their material during the Kill Tony live stand up comedy show that follows the podcast.

Following the podcast, the Kill Tony Austin show will feature stand up comedy from the hosts Tony Hinchclife & Brian Redban. The comedy show will also feature performances by the 2 special guest comedians and the comic that was selected during the live podcast.

Kill Tony Creator Tony Hinchcliffe is a stand up comic that headlines across the United States and Canada. His podcast, "Kill Tony," is live every Monday from The Comedy Store in Hollywood, California. Tony is a staff writer for the Comedy Central James Franco Roast has also contributed material for many of the other Comedy Central Roast shows. Hinchcliffe also currently is a staff writer for Comedy Central's "The Burn."

Kill Tony co-creator Brian Redban is a stand up comic and the founder of the and network of comedy podcasts. Brian performs his stand up comedy across the United States and Canada on tours with many of the Deathsquad comics. His podcasts are broadcasted live from The Comedy Store in Hollywood and The Icehouse in Pasadena, California. Redban also co-hosts the Joe Rogan Experience podcast and has produced video content for Rogan.

December 26